effort ef∙fort noun 1. [U, C] the physical or mental energy that you need to do sth; sth that takes a lot of energy • 气力;努力;费力的事:
»You should put more effort into your work.
»A lot of effort has gone into making this event a success.
»Itˈs a long climb to the top, but well worth the effort.
»Getting up this morning was quite an effort (= it was difficult).
»(BrE) With (an) effort (= with difficulty) she managed to stop herself laughing.
2. effort (to do sth) an attempt to do sth especially when it is difficult to do • 艰难的尝试;试图;尽力:
»a determined / real / special effort
»to make an effort
»The company has laid off 150 workers in an effort to save money.
公司为节省资金遣散了 150 名工人。
»I didnˈt really feel like going out, but I am glad I made the effort.
»The local clubs are making every effort to interest more young people.
»We need to make a concerted effort to finish on time.
»I spent hours cleaning the house, but there isnˈt much to show for all my efforts.
»With an effort of will he resisted the temptation.
»The project was a joint / group effort.
3. (usually after a noun 通常置于名词后) a particular activity that a group of people organize in order to achieve sth • 有组织的活动:
»the Russian space effort
»the United Nationsˈ peacekeeping effort
4. the result of an attempt to do sth • 努力的结果;成就:
»Iˈm afraid this essay is a poor effort.
【IDIOMS】--› see bend v.
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n. 努力, 成就

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